The northern and eastern states are the coldest, with bitter, freezing winters - especially in the plains, Midwest and Northeast.

The southern states are known as the Sunbelt, where it rarely drops below freezing temperature.

The western states are temperate(general climate) states are concentrated in the pacific north west.

Hot summers are the norm throughout the US, except in few states like New England, Oregon and Washington state, all of which are rainier and less predictable.

Tornado season is in the Midwest between April and June, and hurricanes are in early summer along the southern East Coast and Gulf of Mexico coast.

Seasonal Changes:

In US, places that reside in the extreme south latitude are quite warmer and tend to have very less seasonal changes. Places that reside in the northern latitude are much colder and reflect more seasonal changes. For example, in the northern US, summer days are of normally 15 to 18 hours long and winter days are of only 6 to 9 hours long. Whereas in the southern part of US will have very less impact on these changes.

The lowest temperatures occur normally in the month of January and the warmest is experienced during July each year. The average minimum temperatures of below 0ºF are quite normal in northern states like North Dakota, Minnesota etc., while in Florida the temperatures are of 50s during January.

Warmest & Coldest Winters:

Florida, California, Texas, Louisiana and Hawaii are the best places in the entire nation to have better temperatures during winter since the overall temperatures range from 40ºF to 65ºF. Especially cities that are near the beaches and watersheds like Miami(FL), Fort Lauderdale(FL), West Palm Beach(FL), Tampa(FL), Orlando(FL), Pensacola(FL), Galveston(TX), Los Angeles(CA), Long Beach(CA), New Orleans(LA), San Diego(CA) are much warmer while most of the US experiences cold winter.

Alaska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Iowa, Vermont, Nebraska, Montana and Maine are the coldest states to experience very cold weathers which goes below 0ºF.

Hottest & Coolest Summers:

Arizona, Texas, Nevada and California(few parts) are very hot during the summer where the temperatures stands well above 95ºF. Normally Phoenix(AZ) remains very hot and it's temperature reaches well above 102ºF on a perfect summer day.

Places like San Francisco(CA), Santa Cruz(CA), Los Angeles(CA), Portland(OR), Seattle(WA), Erie(PA), Portland(ME) are cooler during summer days where temperatures are between 60ºF and 80ºF.

Seasons: Winter